Season 1 (1995) Edit

Episode #
Production Code
1 (1)
"The Pilot"
March 21, 1995
On his first day as news director for WNYX, Dave Nelson is tasked with firing his predecessor while meeting the rest of the staff and dealing with their eccentricities.
2 (2)
March 28, 1995
Matthew makes a verbal gaffe on the air and is afraid of losing his job. Dave and Lisa argue over how to handle the situation, but end up engaging in a secret office romance.
3 (3)
April 4, 1995
Bill has trouble dealing with the new workplace anti-smoking ordinance, causing Dave to help him quit by agreeing to kick his coffee habit. Lisa thinks Joe saw her and Dave together at the movies and is paranoid that he knows about their relationship.
4 (4)
"The Crisis"
April 11, 1995
After a subway accident occurs, Dave is determined to get access to send Matthew into the tunnel for a news scoop. The rest of the staff are more interested in the new desks that Dave had requisitioned for Matthew, bringing up accusations of favoritism.
5 (5)
"Big Day"
April 18, 1995
Jimmy tasks Dave with figuring out how to distribute the annual bonuses to the staff. Bill gets frustrated with people constantly leaving food on his desk when he's not around.
6 (6)
"Luncheon at the Waldorf"
May 2, 1995
Bill invites Beth to be his guest at a fancy broadcasters' luncheon, leaving Lisa to suspect his motives. Beth ends up embarrassing herself in an incident afterward.
7 (7)
"Sweeps Week"
May 9, 1995
After getting annoyed by Lisa's constant contact with her ex-boyfriend, Dave is encouraged to contact his former girlfriend back in Wisconsin, only to discover that he left things more open ended with her than he had thought. Jimmy wants to have a visionary interviewed on the air, but Bill proves uncooperative, thinking the man to be a fraud.

Season 2 (1995-96) Edit

8. "No, This Is Not Based Entirely on Julie's Life"

9. "Goofy Ball"

10. "Rat Funeral"

11. "The Breakup"

12. "Shrink"

13. "Friends"

14. "Bill's Autobiography"

15. "Negotiation"

16. "The Cane"

17. "Xmas Story"

18. "Station Sale"

19. "Bitch Session"

20. "In Through the Out Door"

21. "The Song Remains the Same"

22. "Zoso"

23. "Houses of the Holy"

24. "Physical Graffiti"

25. "Led Zeppelin"

26. "Presence"

27. "Coda"

28. "Led Zeppelin II"

Note: "The Injury" was produced early during this season, but was not immediately aired.

Season 3 (1996-97) Edit

29. "President"

30. "Review"

31. "Massage Chair"

32. "Arcade"

33. "Halloween"

34. "Awards Show"

35. "Daydream"

36. "Movie Star"

37. "Stocks"

38. "Christmas"

39. "The Trainer"

40. "Rap"

41. "Led Zeppelin Boxed Set"

42. "Complaint Box"

43. "Rose Bowl"

44. "Kids"

45. "Airport"

46. "Twins"

47. "Office Feud"

48. "Our Fiftieth Episode"

49. "Sleeping"

50. "The Real Deal"

51. "Mistake"

52. "Space"

53. "The Injury" (holdover from Season 2)

Season 4 (1997-98) Edit

54. "Jumper"

55. "Planbee"

56. "The Public Domain"

57. "Super Karate Monkey Death Car"

58. "French Diplomacy"

59. "Pure Evil"

60. "Catherine Moves On"

61. "Stupid Holiday Charity Talent Show"

62. "The Secret of Management"

63. "Look Who's Talking"

64. "Chock"

65. "Who's the Boss? (Part 1)"

66. "Who's the Boss? (Part 2)"

67. "Security Door"

68. "Big Brother"

69. "Beep Beep"

70. "Balloon"

71. "Copy Machine"

72. "Monster Rancher"

73. "4:20"

74. "Jackass Junior High"

75. "Sinking Ship"

Season 5 (1998-99) Edit

76. "Bill Moves On"

77. "Meet the Max Louis"

78. "Lucky Burger"

79. "Noise"

80. "Flowers for Matthew"

81. "Jail"

82. "The Lam"

83. "Clash of the Titans"

84. "Boston"

85. "Spooky Rapping Crypt"

86. "Stinkbutt"

87. "Apartment"

88. "Towers"

89. "Hair"

90. "Assistant"

91. "Wino"

92. "Wedding"

93. "Ploy"

94. "Padded Suit"

95. "Freaky Friday"

96. "Retirement"

97. "New Hampshire"

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